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50 years







Our goal is to provide you with the widest range of accessories for your equipments. In order to meet your technical and economical needs, we develop and enhance our services by adding recurringly innovative products.

One of our top priorities is to supply you with adapted product offers and clear commercial bids. Our transparency policy is our best way to show you that we want to build up a long term partnership with you.

The focus of our research and development is to help you take advantage of a French industrialist’s expertise and its laboratory means.

We pay a special attention to our supplies and to our providers and subcontractors’ qualifications.



Our business teams’ mission is to advise you on our product selection and assist you in their implementation in order to answer your technical, economical and logistical constraints. You can count on their proximity, flexibility and reactivity.

Ensuring you the availability of our whole range and guaranteeing you express deliveries represent the commitment of our organization.




Our first concern is to guarantee you high quality and reliable products for you and your patients’ safety. Our involvment from product design to post-market analysis enables us to extend our expertise and to obtain certifications by the LNE/GMED for our products.

Offering you simple solutions in order to facilitate your security management is part of our commitment to you. The switch towards single use devices, the spread of traceability labeling and the doubling of sterile packaging are all major market evolutions that we have greatly contributed to. The aim of the ECO CONCEPTION approach to which we are committed is to make you involved in the protection of the environment and natural resources.