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The X-Line instruments range produced by Comepa industries is made of the highest quality across the logic range of reusable instruments. Pistol Handles are combined to all jaw patterns and length. The semi-reusable range allows full compatibility with the disposable inserts, so that it provides a full modular system of Laparoscopic instrumentation.


COMEPA INDUSTRIES specially developed sensors' technology silver to improve the quality of acquisition of the signal. The new design of the sensors and the high quality of materials guarantee a low resistance and a high conductivity. The preassembled sensors preassembled on the fixed remote tube condition a reliable monitoring and a secure retreat.

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The design of the small cushion, the thickness of the extra wall fine / high resistance and the choice of materials give to the product R-COM an excellent conformability during the inflating / deflation and bring to the user a high power of glide during the intubation / extubation of the laryngeal mask.

Angiodin Procto

Effective and complete innovative solution for the treatment of haemorrhoids. With a combination of four modes of location doppler, it allows to execute a fast identification and specifies hémorroïdaires arteries to realize a detailed mapping of the anal canal. In association with the proctoscope auto-lit by Led LDL-2, Angiodin-Procto allows a precise and unequalled control of the surgical act.

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