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Partner since 1965 of the European electronics industry, COMEPA qualifies in 1974 a thermostat with bimétallique record. In 1984, the company is chosen by the CNES (National centre for space research) to develop a hermetic thermostat intended for satellites. Comepa becomes then the only European manufacturer in compliance with the specifications of the European Space agency (ESA).

The COMEPA offer consists of a full range of 'THERMOPA' bimetallic thermostats covering industrial, military and space market needs.

In addition to its range of standard thermostats, COMEPA offers to develop and manufacture your ready-to-assemble thermostat.

Our skills and knowledge enable us to achieve a solution for each of your applications.

  • Definition of products by Specification

  • Presentation of validated solutions by plan

  • Presentation of a prototype for acceptance

  • Tests and unit controls of the series

Thermopa 15 17
Thermopa 45
  • Simple pre-wired
  • Weatherproof /coated global solution
Thermopa 25
 Claviers and Switchs Piezo
 Switches and interrupters
Billposters' protections and Optical filters


Commercial teams offer trials and accompany changes or changes in your customized needs 

Technical expertise


Product managers in technical support, listening to your requests and seeking innovative solutions



French-based customer service interacting with collaborators and clients on a daily basis



ISO Certification 9001 and 14001

High-quality products and services

Comepa distributes high reliability products from the following brands :


As a distributor of the Japanese brand for more than 20 years, we can find the right product for your needs. Brand reliability and product diversity will meet your expectations.


In addition to the NKK range, Stern Technologies (ISO9001) is the IHM specialist with the high reliability Piezo technology Switches. STERN products are designed to withstand harsh environments. They have a robust and reliable design for all use.


A wide range of bimetallic sheets to complement our products. From T0220 case to high temperature ceramic. Please feel free to consult with us.


PSC manufactures PMMA, polycarbonate and glass display guards on different light transmission curves, machined to plan (ready-to-mount window with brake, piercing, screen printing, adhesive ), with anti-reflective and anti-scratch treatments, and CEM solutions.

We are here to help you.

Our Customer services and our assistance are at your disposal to answer your possible questions concerning our company and products. Complete our form of contact: we shall answer you as soon as possible.

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Our certification documentation is at your disposal:

Certification UL

Certification REACH


Certification ESA

Certification RoHS

Certification ISO 9001


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