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Medical Division


Thermostat Division


COMEPA Industries has built its reputation by creating

innovative technology-driven solutions, from space technology to high-performance medical instruments fabrics. Comepa is a privately held company committed to perpetuate its 50-plus year tradition of product innovation in two areas:

-  The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS division focuses its developments to design and manufacture high performance thermal switches for Space Industry and its excellence is recognized by the famous ESA (European Space Agency) qualification.


- The MEDICAL DEVICE division provides creative solutions to complex medical situations. It has developed many visionary instrumentation concepts in surgery, anaesthesiology and monitoring.


Our culture uses the “linear” structure, a teambased environment that encourages personal initiative and person-to-person communication among all associates. Our culture welcomes different viewpoints and people from a variety of environments and backgrounds.

our focus

Created fifty years ago, COMEPA Industries remains committed to solving problems and changing outcomes for customers around the world.


Our culture exerts a strong and steady influence on each of us to act with the highest integrity and responsibility towards people, organizations and the environment.

35, Rue du Sausset - 93290 Tremblay-en-France - France

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